Ready for an exceptionally cool looking, eco-considering, flexible, configurable, health-encouraging desk that fits the lifestyle (and work style) you're wanting and needing? You came to exactly the right place!


It Starts with Configuring Your Basic Desktop:

Whether you select bamboo or satin-finished birch, the basic desktop is where you'll begin. It includes five moveable and changeable parts...two smaller elements in the back, two larger elements in the front, and a removable, passive cooling lap desk.

When you order your desktop, you'll be asked to select which front and back elements you prefer, choosing from options such as our file holder, device dock, basic caddy, coaster element, and mouse pad. All front and back elements can be switched around to your heart's content, depending on what you need out of your work space. You'll also have an option to select a blank center insert instead of the lap desk, if laptop temperature regulation isn't of concern to you.

Then, Go Vertical:
Once you've designed your basic desktop, consider vertical add-ons to further trick out your stylin' workspace. Your desktop comes with small, pre-drilled holes on the back and sides, ready to accommodate any vertical option you prefer.

Finally, Give It Legs:

Select from these IKEA leg options*, and order your desk's legs directly from their site. Your desk will arrive with a complete set of instructions. Set it up, and get to work!

* Please only order legs for your desk that are linked from this site, as your Elements Desk is specifically designed to be put together with only these styles. All leg options except the extendable legs will result in a desktop height of 28".