Materials and Finishes

Sustainable, responsible manufacturing is simply a part of our DNA at DeskElements. We make our products out of two types of "plywood" type material: Birch and Bamboo, because we want our (your) products to last for decades, not just a few years. The latter isn't responsible to the environment or to you, and that's just not how we roll. Unlike most furniture on the market today, we don't (and never will) use any type of particle board or mdf (medium density fiberboard) in the structure of any of our products. You can rest easy regarding the quality of your DeskElements furniture!

About the Birch:

Our birch plywood is 100% domestically grown on managed forests that are constantly being re-planted. There is no added urea-formaldehyde (yucky stuff that off-gasses in your home), and the glue is even soy based! The clear-coat varnish we use is 100% water based and low-VOC, so it won't pollute your indoor air quality. Since we are using real wood, there is variation in the color or "grain," ranging from almost white to having darker streaks running through it. We love the character and uniqueness this brings to each piece! Most other "birch" on the market today is really just a wood pattern printed on vinyl, which is then glued to particle board. Where's the wood??

About the Bamboo:

Moso Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource that can be clear cut and re-grown every five years! We are very happy to promote its use and don't believe any old growth forest habitats should ever be destroyed for us to have beautiful furniture. We hand oil the panels with an all vegetable-based blend of oils that brings out the deep rich natural color. No chemical-laden stains are used in this product. The panels are steamed during the manufacturing process, which creates a gorgeous "caramelized" color throughout the material.

Configure your desktop now in one of these high-quality materials!