Welcome to DeskElements!

We're a nimble, vertically-integrated, family-owned, ravenous-about-design-and-whipsmart-invention shop in Charlotte, North Carolina, owned and operated by intrepid designer Brian Turkalo and supported by his small-but-mighty team of small business geeks. Truth be told, Brian's daughter, Corrine, is the super ninja behind what happens here...as you can see in the photos above!

We have a good time, we care about freedom and creating a life that makes sense for each of us, and we believe in modern/minimalist furniture and work accessories that support such a life and the planet at the same time. So that's what we make.

Our signature product, the Elements Desk*, puts you in the desk-organization driver's seat. The basic desktop includes four configurable and moveable elements plus a heat-dispersing lap desk that lets you go mobile (or to the couch) in a flash. Choose to add any of our vertical elements, and you've suddenly got an adjustable stand up desk, hooks for your hangables, a whiteboard, cork board, and utility shelf...essentially, a work station designed by you, supporting your unique needs. 

(*Note: the Elements Desk is designed to use specific legs offered by IKEA, which need to be purchased separately. You'll find direct links to the many style and color options that fit this desk here!)

On our Shop page, you'll also see companion products, such as our large and small Heat-Dispersing Lap Desk, plus extra Elements for your changing needs.  The Materials and Finishes page goes over what what materials we use to construct our products, and more importantly, why.

If you're a cat lover, also see our sister companies, Litterworks and Contempocat, where we offer high-quality litter-box-concealing furniture, disposal systems, configurable climbing towers and wall shelving systems, all designed and manufactured right here at our shop!