Cat Tower Workstation Concept

March 30, 2015

If, like me, you share your work environment with your furry little office friends, you will be quite familiar with some of the challenges of making an office-mate out of a cat. (Cat hair on your laptop, anyone? Even more likely, CAT on your laptop?!) Yet, you love being around your purring pals, so what do you do?

At DeskElements, we are constantly pushing the envelope, innovating the workspace. This concept, with a little help from our sister company, ContempoCat, may just be the answer to sharing a small space with your job, your life, and your cats!

This hybrid concept (workstation + cat tower) uses two of the Ikea "Stolmen" poles, along with Contempocat's cat tower climbing steps and platforms, plus a scaled-down version of the newly launched modular desktop from DeskElements! All of it is constructed out of high quality, beautiful eco-friendly bamboo.

About the Cat Trees:

At ContempoCat, we have been making and selling modular cat tower components for the Ikea Stolmen pole for a few years now, though not yet in the bamboo shown here. (Stay tuned, though, as we may begin offering the bamboo steps and platforms!) Steps/platforms are totally adjustable in both quantity and positioning on the poles.

About the DeskTop:

This version of of the DeskElements desktop features a "passive cooling" lap-desk that is removable, so when you get tired of the chair you can remove the lap desk and take your work over to your favorite comfy chair or sofa. It also has an inlaid cork mouse-pad, coaster, and a built-in phone dock.


We believe this concept could be a real winner in ever shrinking urban apartment spaces, or maybe in front of a large window so you and your cat(s) can be inspired by the outdoors.

Please leave us a note via our contact page if you could see using this concept in your shared living space. If there is significant interest, we'll bring it to market!

Brian Turkalo
Brian Turkalo